Various Artists - Chillhop Essentials Spring 2020 (Ltd. Ed. Purple)

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A1Ruck P - Soul Food
A2Toonorth - Chrysalism
A3L'Indécis - Keep On
A4Chris Mazuera, Strehlow - Medicinal Sushi
A5Miscél, Hanz - Flee
B1Mo Anando - Green House
B2Middle School - Back When It All Made Sense
B3Ben Bada Boom - Blossom
B4No Spirit, Sitting Duck - Plant A Tree
B5goosetaf, Saib - Chasin Daisys
B6Philanthrope, G Mills - Cinnamon Sugar
C1falcxne, Makzo - Leaves
C2fantompower - At The Park
C3Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle - Bringmesun 02:20
C4Xander - Midnight
C5Swørn - Belonging
C6Blue Wednesday, Himalayan Beach Ensemble, Dillan Witherow - Sleeping in
D1Sleepy Fish - Let Girls Play Soccer
D2No Spirit, Kyle McEvoy - It's Been A Year
D3Chromonicci - London
D4Aso - Comfortable
D5Weird Inside - Doing Laundry
D6Allem Iversom - Wash
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