Various Artists - Chillhop Essentials Fall 2020 (Ltd. Ed. White)

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Hand Numbered Limited 2LP White Colored Vinyl

Chillhop Music has been releasing seasonal Essentials compilations since the Spring of 2016, making the newest collection, Essentials Fall 2020, the 19th run in this ongoing series. With immersive and autumnal artwork from Rafael Araújo, this 25 song instrumental release sets the mood for the changing of the seasons, for the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Available everywhere (including double vinyl), Essentials Fall 2020 features producers familiar (Brock Berrigan, L'indécis, Sleepy Fish) and new to the family (Mama Aiuto, Boonie Mayfield, Ezzy).

A1 Dryhope - Carefree Feat. Gustav Gustav
A2 Misha, Monma - Spiral
A3 Taro - I Know Your Face Better Than Mine
A4 Blue Wednesday, Dillan Witherow - Seafoam Feat. Sleepy Fish
A5 Evil Needle - Adieu
A6 Boonie Mayfield - Just Wanna Be Free
B1 Mr. Käfer - Birth
B2 G Mills, Soul Food Horns, Blue Wednesday - Harvest
B3 Ezzy - Ny90
B4 Iamalex, The Field Tapes, Birocratic, Tender Spring - Yerry Hill
B5 No Spirit - Reliving
B6 Tesk - P I C K M E U P
C1 Montell Fish - Imagination
C2 Juan Rios - Cascada
C3 Saib - Beyond Clouds
C4 Plusma - Tumbleup
C5 L'indécis - Drowning In You
C6 Stan Forebee - Tending The Garden Feat. Kennebec
D1 Ian Ewing - Healing
D2 Mama Aiuto - All In Good Spirit
D3 Chromonicci - Window.
D4 Auv - Bedstuy
D5 Brock Berrigan, Chris Mazuera, Iamalex - Watchtower
D6 Dotlights - Anywhere But Here Feat. Philanthrope
D7 Team Astro - Better, Together, Forever

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