The Killers - Pressure Machine

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The Killers have long-since divided opinion. Yes, tracks like 'Mr Brightside' will still fill dancefloors slick with WKD each and every Saturday night, beer boys and party girls and lost freaks and first-timers all joining together in one of the most memorable choruses of the century so far. But then their penchant for OTT pomp and pageantry has always been something of a stumbling block for many 'proper rock fans'. With that in mind, Pressure Machine could do wonders for breaking down barriers.

We're not in Kansas anymore, that's for sure, but instead Utah, and the small town of Nephi, where lead singer Bradley Flowers grew up. The album effectively takes us on a tour of what was and what probably still is, by way of a more salt of the Earth, somewhat intimate and narratively-driven collection of rock 'n' roll tracks that invoke a timeless sense of American guitar storytelling, albeit with some theatrics still intact.

Limited LP + Insert in Slip-case

Side 1
1. "West Hills" (5:01)
2. "Quiet Town" (4:17)
3. "Terrible Thing" (3:55)
4. "Cody" (3:27)
5. "Sleepwalker" (4:05)
6. "Runaway Horses" (feat Phoebe Bridgers) (3:15)
Side 2
1. "In The Car Outside" (4:48)
2. "In Another Life" (3:10)
3. "Desperate Things" (5:20)
4. "Pressure Machine" (4:40)
5. "The Getting By" (3:48)

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