St. Vincent - Daddy's Home

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Talk about expert branding. The 21st Century is likely to be remembered (if we make it out the other side) as the immersive revolution, with everything from restaurants to retail looking to offer us experiences. On her latest, Annie Clark - better known as St Vincent - has hit the motherlode in terms of realising this in an album. Daddy's Home is both an overt reference to her own father's release from prison after time served for stock manipulation, and a decadent, glassy-eyed trip into all things 1970s.

Critics have already pointed to stylistic similarities with a plethora of musical names from that era, a list that reflects how broad the LP's palette is. References range from Pink Floyd to Randy Newman, but let's not get bogged down in this part. Daddy's Home is a vivid work of highly original art comprising, among other things, pop opera, funk, progressive rock, surreal soul and more. Triumphant, then.

Limited Gatefold Clear Vinyl LP + Poster

Side 1
1. "Pay Your Way In Pain" (3:05)
2. "Down & Out Downtown" (3:36)
3. "Daddy's Home" (3:23)
4. "Live In The Dream" (6:27)
5. "The Melting Of The Sun" (5:13)
Side 2
1. "The Laughing Man" (3:24)
2. "Down" (3:26)
3. "Somebody Like Me" (4:14)
4. "My Baby Wants A Baby" (3:21)
5. "At The Holiday Party" (4:11)
6. "Candy Darling" (2:31)

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