Soccer Mommy - Color Theory

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Sophie Allison returns to the release schedule to follow up her 2018 debut, "Clean", with an album that asks us to consider what is meant by words such as resilience, the nature of finding redemption for oneself and the importance of refocusing as an act of catharsis. It's also packed with the kind of catchy songs that make you want to hit repeat. Musically it's less fraught school run, and more lackadaisical light-footed indie rock that oozes a reflective cool. Timeless stuff, you might say, which calls to mind the likes of Sheryl Crow and other songwriting titans that managed to pluck subtle details of country, blues and pop to create something that's powerful but delicate without being twee. Songs about love that aren't gushing Hallmark romance, tracks about life that avoid the cliches while still ringing true for all in earshot.

Side 1
1. "Bloodstream" (5:36)
2. "Circle The Drain" (4:40)
3. "Royal Screw Up" (4:04)
4. "Night Swimming" (4:16)
5. "Crawling In My Skin" (4:17)
Side 2
1. "Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes" (7:14)
2. "Up The Walls" (2:43)
3. "Lucy" (4:56)
4. "Stain" (3:01)
5. "Gray Light" (3:17)

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