My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall II

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Indie Exclusive Merlot Wave Color Vinyl

My Morning Jacket, with the ever-irreverent Jim James leading the charge, have always had a way of combining country and roots rock with a trippier, psychedelic edge. They have the grit and growl of guitar heritage, you can almost smell the whisky, but often have ideas that place them surprisingly close to electronic indie acts like Hot Chip.

That's certainly the case on the staccato funk head-nodder 'Magic Bullet', which is at least in line for track of the album here. 'Beautiful Love', meanwhile, sounds like classic balladry from the more experimental side of the 1960s pop revolution, and 'Spinning My Wheels' is a kind of shoegaze-y operatic emotional juggernaut. Of course, there's still room for some straight up Americana atmospheres - 'Run It', or the twangy uptempo thigh-slapper 'Climbing The Ladder' - which only proves the band's breadth of prowess.

Side 1
1. "Spinning My Wheels" (4:45)
2. "Still Thinkin" (4:12)
3. "Climbing The Ladder" (3:00)
4. "Feel You" (6:11)
5. "Beautiful Love (Wasn't Enough)" (2:51)
Side 2
1. "Magic Bullet" (5:12)
2. "Run It" (4:33)
3. "Wasted" (6:06)
4. "Welcome Home" (3:45)
5. "The First Time" (5:43)

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