Moses Sumney - Aromanticism
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 20020

Moses Sumney - Aromanticism

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    Unsurprisingly, Aromanticism - meaning to have little or no romantic attraction to others - is exactly the idea Moses Sumney explores on this stunning debut. Having written the majority of this album's lyrics in the solitude of remote north American cabins, Sumney's songs about loneliness and distance feel natural and sincere. Throughout 'Aromanticism' Sumney shows off his affinity with vocal acrobatics, leaping from his rasping lower register to achingly dulcet falsetto. Both in his instrumentation and as a vocalist, Sumney strikes a pitch-perfect balance between acoustic and digital, exhibiting his ability to blend the two. Sumney blends passages of spoken word, neo-soul, broken-beat, and the vocal harmonies and movements, cascading with gospel precision, that shone on his 2016 EP 'Lamentations'. 'Aromanticism' is a powerful and heartfelt opening statement from an artist well worth keeping an eye on in the future.

    Gatefold LP + Booklet

    Side 1
    1. "Man On The Moon" (Reprise) (0:37)
    2. "Don't Bother Calling" (3:58)
    3. "Plastic" (3:06)
    4. "Quarrel" (6:48)
    5. "Stoicism" (1:03)
    6. "Lonely World" (4:46)
    Side 2
    1. "Make Out In My Car" (2:35)
    2. "The Cocoon-Eyed Baby" (1:10)
    3. "Doomed" (4:19)
    4. "Indulge Me" (3:23)
    5. "Self-Help Tape" (3:01)
    6. "Track 12" (3:58)