Mommy X Philanthrope - Inaudible (Engraved Ed)

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After overwhelming appeal, Mommy & Philanthropes' masterpiece gets the Vinyl treatment, with a beautiful mandala style vinyl engrave. Only available via Chillhop! This is a single LP, all tracks are on the A-side, B-Side is engraved and for aesthetic use only. We strongly recommend not to play this side! For every record sold, Chillhop plants a tree!

A1 Thinking Of You ft. Kyle McEvoy
A2 Soupeddd!
A3 Everything You Say
A4 Embrace ft. Misha, Monma & Cocabona
A5 Takoyaki Promenade ft. Delayde
A6 Throwback Port
A7 Light Strands
A8 Walnut
A9 Dirty Shoelace
A10 Meadow
B1 Etched B.side

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