MKII ‎– Summer Colours (夏色) [PRE-ORDER]

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7th beat tape on ビクター MKII ’s growing discography, Summer Colours was inspired by this year’s Summer season, a collection of beats and vibes made during this year’s hot humid and somewhat hectic summer season. A mix of Jazz, warm Soul samples, soft drum tracks, and organic ambient sounds.  The end result perfectly captures a nostalgic summer experience.

Estimated Release Date: November 15, 2021

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1. "walk slowly" (2:03)
2. "Interlude" (1:48)
3. "back in love" (2:08)
4. "out in the rain" (1:44)
5. "steady" (1:44)
6. "secret love" (1:47)
7. "come back" (2:23)
8. "hello rain" (1:47)
9. "sleep" (1:52)
10. "come over next time" (2:00)
11. "raindrops" (2:00)
12. "no goodbyes for you" (2:00)
13. "luv like this" (2:24)

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