Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle
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Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle

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    Marcos Valle's second album, the 1983 self-titled masterpiece, is one of Brazilian music's many stone cold classics fusing as it does MPB, pop, soul and easy listening with plenty of American influences thanks to the artist's time living in LA. Valle's old brother Paulo Sergio and the legendary Lincoln Olivetti produced the album with a fine cast of guests like Rosana, Serginho Do Trombone, Robson Jorge and Oberdan Magalhaes adding their own vocal and musical flourishes. Standout tunes include Brazilian-boogie cult-classic 'Estrelar' (which was actually co-written by pianist, keyboardist and record producer Leon Ware) while the artwork itself is also well worthy of your attention.

    Limited Mint Green Vinyl LP

    Side 1
    1. "Estrelar" (5:15)
    2. "Fogo Do Sol" (3:42)
    3. "Samba De Verao" (3:42)
    4. "Para Os Filhos De Abraao" (4:14)
    5. "Naturalmente" (4:06)
    Side 2
    1. "Tapa No Real" (4:11)
    2. "Tapetes, Guardanapos, Cetins" (3:32)
    3. "Dia D" (3:56)
    4. "Mais Que Amor" (4:30)
    5. "Viola Enluarada" (4:25)