Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Deluxe Edition)

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Three months after rapper turned singer Lizzo's major label debut first appeared on CD and digital download, Atlantic has decided to offer up a deluxe vinyl edition of the well-received set featuring three bonus tracks. Prior to release, Lizzo admitted she wanted to become "this generation's Aretha Franklin"; while she's not at the late soul legend's standard just yet, there's enough on "Cuz I Love You" to suggest that she's going in the right direction. Her vocals are variously confident, powerful, strutting and tender, with the accompanying backing tracks mixing hip-hop and R&B style beats with raucous guitars, bombastic basslines, Daft Punk style synth stabs (think "Robot Rock" and "Technologic") and occasional nods towards more pastoral, semi-acoustic sounds. Above all, though, the album is funky, forthright and hugely entertaining.

Side 1
1. "Cuz I Love You" (2:59)
2. "Like A Girl" (3:05)
3. "Juice" (3:15)
4. "Soulmate" (2:55)
5. "Jerome" (3:50)
6. "Crybaby" (2:56)
7. "Tempo" (feat Missy Elliott) (2:58)
Side 2
1. "Exactly How I Feel" (feat Gucci Mane) (2:22)
2. "Better In Color" (2:13)
3. "Heaven Help Me" (3:21)
4. "Lingerie" (3:22)
5. "Boys" (bonus track) (3:29)
6. "Truth Hurts" (bonus track) (2:16)
7. "Water Me" (bonus track) (3:05)

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