Khruangbin - Mordechai Remixes

Side 1
1. "Father Bird, Mother Bird (Sunbirds)"
2. "Connaissais De Face (Tiger?)"
3. "Dearest Alfred (MyJoy)"
4. "First Class" (Soul In The Horn remix)
Side 2
1. "If There Is No Question" (Soul Clap Wild But Not Crazy mix)
2. "Pelota" (cut A Rug mix)
Side 3
1. "Time (You & I)" (Put A Smile On A DJ Face mix)
2. "Shida (Bella's Suite)"
Side 4
1. "So We Won't Forget" (Mang Dynasty version)
2. "One To Remember" (Forget Me Nots dub)

Release date:
October 29, 2021


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