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Virtuoso contemporary jazz star Kamasi Washington got involved with the hit documentary Becoming right at the early stages. The film is a four time Emmy-nominated glimpse into the life of Michelle Obama, filled with as many profound moments as tender and vulnerable ones. All of those are perfectly translated into gentle jazz, sweeping symphonies and empowering passages of sound that tell a very real story even without seeing the movie. Fans of the Los Angeles saxophonist will recognize a dialing back in the scale of his usual sound, but that is never to the detriment of the work here, which is maybe his most accessible work yet.

Side 1
1. "Shot Out Of A Cannon" (1:12)
2. "Becoming" (2:08)
3. "Take In The Story" (2:39)
4. "Southside" (version 1) (1:18)
5. "Dandy" (1:33)
6. "The Rhythm Changes" (1:43)
7. "Song For Fraser" (2:20)
8. "Announcement" (0:48)
Side 2
1. "Detail" (1:56)
2. "Fashion Then & Now" (2:14)
3. "Provocation" (2:51)
4. "Connections" (1:07)
5. "Looking Forward" (1:45)
6. "I Am Becoming" (4:23)
7. "Southside" (version 2) (2:42)
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