Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee (Pre-Owned)
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 20020

Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee (Pre-Owned)

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    You may know Michelle Zauner from the New York Times bestseller list, her memoir Crying In H Mart landed just before this record. Or you may now her through 2016's Psychopomp and the follow up album one year later, Soft Sounds, both released under the Japanese Breakfast guise. Either way, you may not recognise this multi-disciplinary talent based on her latest audio outing alone.

    Jubilee is rightly being cited as an evolution for Zauner's musical project, bringing less shoegaze and more kaleidoscopic electronica that's kind of fun, upbeat and decidedly unapologetic. The 10-strong track list owes something to 1980s dance, a bit more to surging, immersive pop, with plenty left for slower balladry sat halfway between the charts and your timeless playlist. An elegant and powerful third chapter.

    Side 1

    1. "Paprika" (3:41)
    2. "Be Sweet" (3:15)
    3. "Kokomo, IN" (3:38)
    4. "Slide Tackle" (3:40)
    5. "Posing In Bondage" (4:05)
    Side 2
    1. "Sit" (3:03)
    2. "Savage Good Boy" (2:26)
    3. "In Hell" (2:39)
    4. "Tactics" (3:53)
    5. "Posing For Cars" (6:25)