Hamlet Minassian - Armenian Pop Music

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Recorded in westernized Iran immediately before the 1979 revolution, which lead to the near-criminalization of most Western-derived elements of culture. The young Armenian musician was born in 1940 in the city of Tabriz in Northwest Iran. After graduating from music school he attended the Tehran Conservatorie, followed by stints researching pop music in the US and Europe. He began his career with composing Chanson style songs based off the timelessly in vogue style of French pop music.

180g Red Colored Vinyl LP

Side 1
1 . "Alas-Alas"
2 . "On The Day's"
3 . "My Heart"
Side 2
1 . "Aï-Aï Heyveh Heyveh"
2 . "Al Elnim"
3 . "Michel Strogoff"

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