Fugazi - First Demo

Needless to say, Fugazi were the kind of band whose first demo trounced most band's entire recording careers. Formed by four passionate musicians - from the ashes of Minor Threat, Embrace and Rites Of Spring - amidst a climate of idealistic fervour and youthful rage in Washington DC in the late '80s, this incendiary band took the energy and power of hardcore and broadened it out into a sound that was as expansive as it was incisive. This collection of ten songs, recorded incredibly at a point when the band had only played ten gigs, showcases an already unique and inspirational outfit creating a sound that would resonate around the hardcore scene of the world and way beyond.

Side 1
1. "Waiting Room"
2. "Merchandise"
3. "Furniture"
4. "Song #1"
5. "The Word"
Side 2
1. "Bad Mouth"
2. "Break-In"
3. "Turn Off Your Guns"
4. "And The Same"
5. "In Defense Of Humans"
6. "Joe #1"

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