Freddie Gibbs/Madvillain aka Madlib - Bandana Beats

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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's hard hitting sophomore album Bandana has proven a real hit over the last five months. Now though, many fans get what they have been waiting for; an instrumental version that pairs things back to the essential beats. It makes for a record that covers plenty of grind - from sunny day and feel good instrumentals to much rawer, harder hitting beast that arm with attitude even without the explicit vocal deliveries. Plenty of the soulful samples remain in situ to help colour things and make this such a characterful record.

Side 1
1. "Obrigado" (0:50)
2. "Freestyle Shit" (2:24)
3. "Half Manne Half Cocaine" (2:53)
4. "Crime Pays" (3:05)
5. "Massage Seats" (2:26)
6. "Palmolive" (4:08)
7. "Fake Names" (3:44)
8. "Flat Tummy Tea" (2:38)
Side 2
1. "Situations" (2:47)
2. "Giannis" (3:22)
3. "Practice" (2:44)
4. "Cataracts" (3:39)
5. "Gat Damn" (2:50)
6. "Education" (4:22)
7. "Soul Right" (3:27)

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