Finneas - Blood Harmony (Deluxe Blue Vinyl Ed.)

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Finneas's Blood Harmony album was originally reals din 2019 and now gets a special deluxe treatment that spreads it across two slabs of blue wax with an original insert. It also includes a new version of 'Let's Fall in Love for the Night' entitled 'Let's Fall in Love for the Night (1964)' and 2018 single 'Break My Heart Again.' The album rather underperformed at first but has since grown in popularity with its contemporary pop production and Finneas's accessible lyrics resonating with fans old and new. 'I Lost a Friend' is a strong electropop ballad with minimal bass guitar, piano and drums under layered harmonies and is archetypal of this record's sound.

Side 1
1. "I Lost A Friend" (3:53)
2. "Shelter" (3:08)
3. "Lost My Mind" (2:48)
4. "I Don't Miss You At All" (2:07)
5. "Partners In Crime"
Side 2
1. "Let's Fall In Love For The Night" (3:09)
2. "Die Alone" (4:21)
3. "Break My Heart Again" (3:56)
4. "Let's Fall In Love For The Night" (1964) (4:06)

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