Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space (Dark Purple Blast Ed.)
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Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space (Dark Purple Blast Ed.)

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    Some 36 years after making an instant impact with their fuzzy debut album, alt rock originals Dinosaur Jr. are still going strong. Sweep It Into Space, the band's first studio album since 2016, is testament to their continued mastery of an art form that they helped to define and refine. All the usual staples of their sound are present and correct - think punchy, tom-heavy drums, alternately scuzzy and attractive guitars and J Masics' instantly identifiable vocals - alongside a seemingly new-found love of indie-pop melancholy and wistful musical arrangements (the latter almost certainly influenced by producer Kurt Vile). In other words, it's a grown-up Dinosaur Jr. album that ticks all of the right boxes.

    180g Purple Colored Vinyl LP

    Side 1
    1. "I Ain't" (4:13)
    2. "I Met The Stones" (3:47)
    3. "To Be Waiting" (4:13)
    4. "I Ran Away" (3:32)
    5. "Garden" (3:04)
    6. "Hide Another Round" (4:01)
    Side 2
    1. "And Me" (3:37)
    2. "I Expect It Always" (3:39)
    3. "Take It Back" (4:03)
    4. "N Say" (3:17)
    5. "Walking To You" (4:43)
    6. "You Wonder" (3:06)