Death Cab For Cutie - We Have The Facts & We're Voting Yes

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'We Have The Facts and We're Voting Yes' is a conceptual album telling the story of a ruined relationship. While no singles were released for the album, the fans still continued to grow with the band and is considered a favorite amongst the diehards. This 2014 repress comes with original packaging that features a die-cut jacket and color insert that completes the artwork pressed on 180g vinyl.

Side 1
1. "Title Track"
2. "The Employment Pages"
3. "For What Reason"
4. "Lowell, MA"
5. "405"
6. "Little Fury Bugs"
Side 2
1. "Company Calls"
2. "Company Calls Epilogue"
3. "No Joy In Mudville"
4. "Scientist Studies"

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