Daniel Caesar - Case Study 01

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Nestling comfortably within the DIY end of the underground music spectrum, Canadian R&B producer/performer Daniel Caesar (real name Ashton Simmonds) has steadily built a sizable online following without ever signing for a record label. "Case Study 01" is the Toronto artist's second self-released album (the first, "Freudian", dropped in 2017) and sees him offer up another set of slick blends of hip-hop, R&B and modern soul. His status as a rising star is emphasized by the presence of Pharrell (yes, the Pharrell) on the superb, Neptunes-produced "Frontal Love Muzik" and the appearance of Brandy on superb duet "Love Again". It all adds up to a pleasingly emotive, well-produced set of songs that impresses from start to finish.

Gatefold Colored Vinyl LP

Side 1
1. "Entropy" (4:25)
2. "Cyanide" (3:13)
3. "Love Again" (with Brandy) (3:36)
4. "Frontal Lobe Musik" (feat Pharrell) (3:48)
5. "Open Up" (4:30)
6. "Restore The Feeling" (feat Sean Leon & Jacob Collier) (3:31)
Side 2
1. "Superposition" (feat John Mayer) (4:29)
2. "Too Deep To Turn Back" (5:19)
3. "Complexities" (3:46)
4. "Are You Ok?" (6:42)

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