Tegan & Sara - Tonight In The Dark We're Seeing Colors

The polished pop rock of Tegan and Sara has always come with hidden depths that counterbalance the lofty heights of their melodies, key-change crescendos and euphoric breakdowns. Last year's High School book proved, if there had been any doubts, that the often-delicate, usually life-affirming sounds the Canadian twins are known for is married to a lot of life experience and political motivation.

Their ongoing campaign work for LGBTQ rights, including setting up their own foundation, is a case in point, and it's impossible to separate the artists from their work - for all the right reasons in this instance. Tonight is a typically poetic example of why their music is so universally appealing, recorded live on tour in 2019 - from perfume punk to synth magic, these anthems are well worth buying into and the energy and love behind them is palpable. Uplifting, poignant and unarguably enjoyable.

RSD 2020 Exclusive Purple Splattered Vinyl LP

Side 1
1. "Hey, I'm Just Like You" (3:13)
2. "Don't Believe The Things They Tell You (They Lie)" (3:22)
3. "I'll Be Back Someday" (3:27)
4. "Boyfriend" (3:23)
Side 2
1. "Divided" (3:34)
2. "Closer" (3:46)
3. "Back In Your Head" (3:10)
4. "White Knuckles" (3:17)


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