Blanck Mass - Calm With Horses
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 20020

Blanck Mass - Calm With Horses

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    Given his love of dark ambient, slowly shifting themes and poignant aural textures, Blanck Mass's Benjamin Power has always had it in him to write and record a great movie soundtrack. He finally did that last year, delivering a creepy, atmospheric and memorable score for dark Irish thriller "Calm With Horses". If you've not seen the film, fear not: INVADA has decided to release the score on vinyl. It's brilliant all told, with Power mixing sustained, unfurling synthesizer chords, gentle piano melodies, ambient electronics, Giallo style movements and raw, trance-influenced riffs to create tracks that consistently fire the senses. Those versed in movie soundtracks will notice nods to the likes of Angelo Badalamenti, Vangelis and John Carpenter, but ultimately Power's trademark sound is very much his own.

    Grey Marbled Vinyl LP + Insert

    Side 1
    1. "Violent Child" (1:56)
    2. "The Devers" (2:18)
    3. "Jack's Theme" (2:46)
    4. "Different Breed" (5:00)
    5. "Halfwit" (3:23)
    6. "Sleepless" (1:21)
    7. "The Cliff" (1:37)
    8. "Loyal Skins" (3:49)
    Side 2
    1. "Heck Speaks" (1:07)
    2. "Descent" (3:00)
    3. "That Plank In Your Eye" (0:47)
    4. "Manipulation" (1:32)
    5. "Prove Yourself" (4:08)
    6. "Photograph" (2:39)
    7. "Nothing That Cannot Be Turned Back" (1:56)
    8. "Leaving" (3:07)
    9. "Credits" (4:11)