Black Pumas - Black Pumas (Love Record Stores 2020 Edition)

2020's inaugural Love Record Stores campaign is an exciting prospect for those who love coloured, marbled and "split" vinyl releases. The latest essential album to get this treatment is Black Pumas' self-titled 2019 debut. Helmed by multi-instrumentalist Adrian Quesada, the Austin-based band's trademark sound tends towards the psychedelic end of soul, offering up songs that variously doff a cap to Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone, Rotary Connection, Terry Callier and the Chambers Brothers - all topped off with impassioned, effortlessly soulful lead vocals from mic man Eric Burton. Given the inspirations, it's no surprise that the band's tracks sound authentically old, though there's also an inherent vibrancy and freshness that means they never stray into hollow pastiche.

Split Coloured Vinyl LP

Side 1
1. "Black Moon Rising" (3:42)
2. "Colors" (4:06)
3. "Know You Better" (4:08)
4. "Fire" (4:05)
5. "OCT 33" (4:48)
Side 2
1. "Stay Gold" (4:35)
2. "Old Man" (3:15)
3. "Confines" (3:09)
4. "Touch The Sky" (4:26)
5. "Sweet Conversations" (3:20)

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