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American singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst are two accomplished musicians in their own right, with the latter largely known for his role in Bright Eyes and other bands, with an enviable solo discography too, while the former, after a slew of singles, released her debut album Stranger In The Alps in 2017. Together the pair form Better Oblivion Community Center, who recently scored some airtime on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert with a beaty rendition of their dust-kicking vocal number "Dylan Thomas". The album delivers a bevy of duets and folk-tales with references to '90s pop rock and grunge never that far off, and it's best heard on "Dominos" and the cutesy synth-play of " Exception To The Rule".

Side 1
1. "Didn't Know What I Was In For" (3:59)
2. "Sleepwalkin'" (3:11)
3. "Dylan Thomas" (3:31)
4. "Service Road" (3:43)
5. "Exception To The Rule" (2:50)
Side 2
1. "Chesapeake" (4:03)
2. "My City" (4:02)
3. "Forest Lawn" (3:44)
4. "Big Black Heart" (3:28)
5. "Dominos" (4:31)

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