Beck - Hyperspace (Indie Exclusive Silver Ed.)
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Beck - Hyperspace (Indie Exclusive Silver Ed.)

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    "Hyperspace" sees Beck venture further down the pop road, drafting in a wealth of high profile, stadium-filling collaborators to realize what's arguably his most synthesized work to date. Full marks to anyone who, upon blind taste test, immediately jumped to the conclusion this was indeed Beck. Fear not, that's less a result of his iconic and infinitely listenable voice not shining through, and more down to what else is in these arrangements. Working with legendary studio genius Pharrell Williams (who co-produced and co-wrote), you'll also find Coldplay's Chris Martin and Georgia, US rapper and drummer Terrell Hines involved here, amongst others. Together with these names we're taken into a soaring, immersive and glittering world of sophisticated but chart-friendly anthems, from clap-a-long number "Die Waiting", to the epic space-rock closer "Everlasting Nothing".

    Gatefold 180g Vinyl LP

    Side 1
    1. "Hyperlife" (1:31)
    2. "Uneventful Days" (3:16)
    3. "Saw Lightning" (4:02)
    4. "Die Waiting" (4:01)
    5. "Chemical" (4:16)
    6. "See Through" (3:28)
    Side 2
    1. "Hyperspace" (2:48)
    2. "Stratosphere" (4:14)
    3. "Dark Places" (3:33)
    4. "Star" (2:48)
    5. "Everlasting Nothing" (4:56)