Arcade Fire / Owen Pallett - Her OST
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Arcade Fire / Owen Pallett - Her OST

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    Spike Jonze's Her is, quite frankly, one of the most profoundly moving movies of the last decade. Posing the question we should all be asking - what happens when people, in this case a writer who is paid to pen personal letters from clients to their loved ones, start falling in love with their computer operating systems? The answer is an existential journey through the greatest unanswerable quandaries of all time; what makes us human? At what point do we become conscious? How long until Siri becomes truly useful?

    The soundtrack probably didn't stand out to as many people as the plot and the cinematography, but as this hugely accomplished album version proves, Arcade Fire and Owen Pallet did an incredible job with creating an original score of music that lives up to the ambition of the film - through soft piano sonatas, spiralling synthesised crescendos, and achingly beautiful strings you can see the gamut of human emotions.

    Limited White Vinyl LP in Spot-varnished Sleeve

    Side 1
    1. "Sleepwalker" (3:03)
    2. "Milk & Honey #1" (1:27)
    3. "Loneliness (Night Talking) #3" (3:22)
    4. "Divorce Papers" (3:11)
    5. "Morning Talk/Supersymmetry" (4:13)
    6. "Some Other Place" (3:37)
    7. "Song On The Beach" (3:25)
    Side 2
    1. "Loneliness (Other People's Letters) #4" (0:55)
    2. "Owl" (2:19)
    3. "Photograph" (2:23)
    4. "Milk & Honey #2" (3:18)
    5. "We're All Leaving" (2:27)
    6. "Dimensions" (5:36)