Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 20020

Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess

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    If you felt Angel Olsen's 'All Mirrors' album would benefit from a stripped down, pared back interpretation this is your lucky day. Far from some rushed attempt to release anything into the music industry's COVID-19 infested waters, the intimate, often hushed and delicate versions here are actually the original recordings of the tracks, which were then elevated to the scale we heard on that LP of last year.

    The plan was always to release these as a counterpoint to the bigger sounding takes, and there will be few reasonably minded people who won't delight in that decision. It's as if we've watched her sepia-hued show-stopping performance in the main ballroom and then retired for intimate drinks in the dressing room. A staggering sibling to what was already one of our favourite records from recent years.

    Limited Gatefold Clear Marbled Vinyl LP + poster

    Side 1
    1. "Whole New Mess" (3:43)
    2. "Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)" (2:33)
    3. "(New Love) Cassette" (5:24)
    4. "(We Are All Mirrors)" (2:38)
    5. "(Summer Song)" (4:04)
    6. "Waving Smiling" (3:52)
    Side 2
    1. "Tonight (Without You)" (4:00)
    2. "Lark Song" (6:30)
    3. "Impasse (Workin' For The Name)" (3:45)
    4. "Chance (Forever Love)" (5:27)
    5. "What It Is (What It Is)" (2:23)