How do I earn rewards?

Earn 1 Spin Point for every Php1.00 you spend excluding shipping fees. You must be logged in your account at checkout to earn points (your points are tied to your account).  Your points shall be awarded to you as soon as order has been fulfilled/shipped/picked-up/completed.

Do I need a separate rewards account to earn Spin Points?

No. Analog Daily Rewards are connected to your Analog Daily Records account. Don't have an account, create one here.

How do I access my Spin Points?

Click the “Rewards” bubble/ gift icon (on mobile) on the lower-right of your screen. Once logged in, you'll be able to view and redeem your rewards via one-time use codes. Multiple codes can not be combined.

How do I redeem my Spin Points?

From your dashboard, click on "Ways to Redeem".

1.) Use Spin Points to avail "Order Discount"

- Members earn ₱1.00 off Sealed Records for every 25 points redeemed
- Applies to all orders worth ₱1,500.00 or more (excluding shipping fee)
- Members may only be able to redeem once they have at least 1,000 Spin Points on their account.
- Maximum of 25,000 Spin Points can be redeemed per transaction.

      2.) 5% Off Coupon (6,000 Spin Points)

      - 5% off Sealed Records
      - Applies to all orders worth ₱1,500.00 or more (both from on-hand or pre orders)

          3.) 10% Off Coupon (10,500 Spin Points)

          - 10% off Sealed Records
          - Applies to all orders worth ₱1,500.00 or more (both from on-hand or pre orders)

              Do my Spin Points expire?

              Yes. All unused Spin Points by the end of the calendar year shall be given until January 31st of the following year to be redeemed.

              However, Analog Daily Records has the right to terminate the promo at any given time provided that ADR notifies all members with existing points 30 days prior to actual termination.  This is to give the members a chance to redeem/consume unused Spin Points earned from previous purchases. ADR also has the right to exempt any product/service in which the points can be used should there be a special release or promo at any given time.

              Can I convert my unused Spin Points to cash or goods?

              No. Spin Points may only be used as "Order Discounts" via your Analog Daily Rewards dashboard.

              Are my Spin Points transferrable?

              No. Spin Points are non-transferrable.

              Will my past purchases earn me Spin Points?

              No. Spin Points are non-retroactive.  Only purchases made from 12:00AM of February 15, 2021 will be awarded with the corresponding Spin Points.


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              ADR5FOR5: Order from us worth Php5,000 or more - automatically Receive 5% Off on all on hand titles on the website. This promotion does not apply to pre-orders.

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              - No Code Necessary. Applies automatically on our checkout page.
              - Does not work with discount codes (eg. using a discount code will negate this discount).