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Side 11. "Ambitionz Az A Ridah"2. "All Bout U"3. "Skandalouz"Side 21. "Got My Mind Made Up"2. "How Do You Want It"3. "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted"Side 31. "No More Pain"2. "Heatrz Of Men"3. "Life Goes On"4. "Only God Can Judge Me"Side 41. "Tradin War Stories"2. "California Love" (remix)3. "I Ain't...
When he released third album "Me Against The World" in 1995, Tupac Shakur was arguably the biggest name in hip-hop. As we now know, it wouldn't last, with the LA rapper losing his life in a drive-by shooting 12 months later. As tragic as his demise was, his music still...
Gatefold 180g Opaque Gold Vinyl 2LP Side 11. "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted" Featuring – Snoop Dogg (04:06)2. "California Love (Original Mix)" Featuring – Dr. Dre, Roger Troutman (04:44)3. "So Many Tears" (03:58)Side 21. "I Ain't Mad At Cha" Featuring – Danny Boy (04:54)2. "How Do U Want It" Featuring...
Side 11. "Red Desert" (3:50)2. "No Shame" (3:13)3. "Old Me" (3:05)4. "Easier" (2:39)5. "Teeth" (3:24)6. "Wildflower" (3:40)Side 21. "Best Years" (3:05)2. "Not In The Same Way" (3:38)3. "Lover Of Mine" (3:25)4. "Thin White Lies" (3:02)5. "Lonely Heart" (3:20)6. "High" (2:57)
Side 11. "Youngblood" (3:20)2. "Want You Back" (2:53)3. "Lie To Me" (2:30)4. "Valentine" (3:17)5. "Talk Fast" (3:07)6. "Moving Along" (3:19)7. "If Walls Could Talk" (3:04)Side 21. "Better Man" (3:10)2. "More" (3:15)3. "Why Won't You Love Me" (3:20)4. "Woke Up In Japan" (2:37)5. "Empty Wallets" (3:08)6. "Ghost Of You" (3:19)
180g Vinyl 2LP Side 11. "The Hollow"2. "Magdalena"3. "Rose"Side 21. "Judith"2. "Orestes"3. "Libras"Side 31. "Sleeping Beauty" (extended intro)2. "Thomas"3. "Renholder"Side 41. "Thinking Of You"2. "Brena"3. "Over (Alt)"
Side 11. "Midnight Marauders Tour Guide" (0:47)2. "Steve Biko (Stir It Up)" (3:16)3. "Award Tour" (3:23)4. "8 Million Stories" (4:30)5. "Sucka Nigga" (4:11)6. "Midnight" (4:28)7. "We Can Get Down" (4:28)Side 21. "Electric Relaxation" (3:49)2. "Clap Your Hands" (3:38)3. "Oh My God" (3:26)4. "Keep It Rollin'" (3:06)5. "The Chase" (part 2)...
Soft-spoken with the look of a slightly disaffected 1950s matinee idol, Aaron Frazer possesses a unique voice that's both contemporary and timeless. On Introducing... -- his debut solo album produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, co-released on Easy Eye Sound and Dead Oceans -- Aaron melds mid-`60s soul with...
Side 11. "Dancing Queen"2. "Knowing Me, Knowing You"3. "Take A Chance On Me"4. "Mamma Mia"5. "Lay All Your Love On Me"Side 21. "Super Trouper"2. "I Have A Dream"3. "The Winner Takes It All"4. "Money, Money, Money"5. "SOS"Side 31. "Chiquititi"2. "Fernando"3. "Voulez Vous"4. "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)"Side 41....
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Side 11. "Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane)"2. "Bridge Of Spasms"3. "The Artifex"4. "Harvest Pyre"Side 21. "Land Of Khem"2. "Outstrider"3. "Scythewinder"4. "Hecate"
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Side 11. "Hells Bells"2. "Shoot To Thrill"3. "What Do You Do For Money Honey"4. "Givin The Dog A Bone"5. "Let Me Put My Love Into You"Side 21. "Back In Black"2. "You Shook Me All Night Long"3. "Have A Drink On Me"4. "Shake A Leg"5. "Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"
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Gatefold Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP Side 11. "Shoot To Thrill"2. "Rock 'N' Roll Damnation"3. "Guns For Hire"4. "Cold Hearted Man"Side 21. "Back In Black"2. "Thunderstruck"3. "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)"4. "Evil Walks"Side 31. "TNT"2. "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be"3. "Have A Drink On Me"4. "The Razors Edge"Side...
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Side 11. "Daydreamer"2. "Best For Last"3. "Chasing Pavements"4. "Cold Shoulder"5. "Crazy For You"6. "Melt My Heart To Stone"Side 21. "First Love"2. "Right As Rain"3. "Make You Feel My Love"4. "My Same"5. "Tired"6. "Hometown Glory"
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Side 1 1. "Rolling In The Deep" 2. "Rumour Has It" 3. "Turning Tables" 4. "Don't You Remember" 5. "Set Fire To The Rain" 6. "He Won't Go"Side 2 1. "Take It All" 2. "I'll Be Waiting" 3. "One & Only" 4. "Lovesong" 5. "Someone Like You"
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Side 11. "Hello"2. "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)"3. "I Miss You"4. "When We Were Young"5. "Remedy"Side 21. "Water Under The Bridge"2. "River Lea"3. "Love In The Dark"4. "Million Years Ago"5. "All I Ask"6. "Sweetest Devotion"
LP with Insert Side 11. "Dream On" (4:27)2. "Same Old Song & Dance" (3:02)3. "Sweet Emotion" (3:14)4. "Walk This Way" (3:32)5. "Last Child" (3:28)Side 21. "Back In The Saddle" (4:44)2. "Draw The Line" (3:24)3. "Kings & Queens" (3:50)4. "Come Together" (3:46)5. "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" (4:04)
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Side 11. "Chord Left"2. "Fuel To Fire"3. "Dorian"4. "Aventine"5. "Run Cried The Crawling"Side 21. "Tokka"2. "The Curse"3. "Pass Them By"4. "Words Are Dead"5. "Fivefold"6. "Smoke & Mirrors"
Side 11. "Falling, Catching"2. "Riverside"3. "Brother Sparrow"4. "Just So"5. "Beast"6. "Louretta"Side 21. "Avenue"2. "Philharmonics"3. "Close Watch"4. "Wallflower"5. "Over The Hill"6. "On Powdered Ground"
Side 11. "Tired Of Being Alone"2. "Call Me (Come Back Home)"3. "I'm Still In Love With You"4. "Here I Am (Come & Take Me)"5. "Love & Happiness"Side 21. "Let's Stay Together"2. "I Can't Get Next To You"3. "You Ought To Be With Me"4. "Look What You Done For Me"5. "Let's...
Side 11. "All I Really Want"2. "You Oughta Know"3. "Perfect"4. "Hand In My Pocket"5. "Right Through You"6. "Forgiven"Side 21. "You Learn"2. "Head Over Feet"3. "Mary Jane"4. "Ironic"5. "Not The Doctor"6. "Wake Up"
Side 11. "You Learn"2. "Joining You"3. "No Pressure Over Cappuccino"4. "That I Would Be Good"5. "Head Over Feet"6. "Princes Familiar"Side 21. "I Was Hoping"2. "Ironic"3. "These R The Thoughts"4. "King Of Pain"5. "You Oughta Know"6. "Uninvited"
Side 11. "Fixture Picture" (4:04)2. "Designer" (4:19)3. "Zoo Eyes" (5:14)4. "Treasure" (4:10)5. "The Barrel" (4:50)Side 21. "Damn" (6:16)2. "Weight Of The Planets" (4:30)3. "Heaven Is Empty" (3:05)4. "Pilot" (3:09)
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Two years after its initial release on boutique Brooklyn label Orchid Tapes, Alex G’s fourth LP DSU is reissued on Run For Cover Records. Considered by many to be the record that shone a spotlight onto the longtime lo-fi Bandcamp-favorite, DSU is an indie rock record empowered & enlightened by...
Side 11. "Stuck On The Puzzle" (intro)2. "Hiding Tonight"3. "Glass In The Park"Side 21. "It's Hard To Get Around The Wind"2. "Stuck On The Puzzle"3. "Piledriver Waltz"