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First time on vinyl. “The Esquire Recordings” remixes exclusively on vinyl. Release Date: October 25, 2021 Settle amount within 24 hours to secure your slot Heavyweight 12" Vinyl EP Side A1. "Sabado"2. "Sabado" (DMAPS Remix) Side B 1. "1995"2. "1995" (Lustbass Remix) ***This product is not qualified to earn Spin Points***
7th beat tape on ビクター MKII ’s growing discography, Summer Colours was inspired by this year’s Summer season, a collection of beats and vibes made during this year’s hot humid and somewhat hectic summer season. A mix of Jazz, warm Soul samples, soft drum tracks, and organic ambient sounds.  The...
Repress on Translucent Pink Vinyl Estimated Release Date: November 15, 2021 **you may settle now upon checkout, or you may settle upon release Side 11. "Treasure 宝物"2. "Stay Here With U."3. "Different"4. "Love Overtime"5. "No Love Waves"6. "Leavin' Again"7. "Seaside"8. "Crystal Clear"9. "Negai"10. "Endless Dream"Side 21. "Sunday Morning Rain"2. "トモダチ"3. "Need...