The XX - I See You (Deluxe Ed.)

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Arriving five years after the London trio's last album 'Co-Exist', this third effort shows a band ready to make a bold step on from the sound that haunted radio and TV links alike around the start of this decade. And in what could be said to be a move from innocence to experience, they're doing so with hitherto unrevealed confidence and chutzpah..'I See You' expands on their trademark intimate melancholia with considerable finesse, yet longtime fans shouldn't worry too much about them losing their gloomy charm in the process - more so this is a band brandishing an expanded palette where once they were content to paint their room black.

The deluxe version includes

  • Standard vinyl
  • Bonus 12" with three bonus tracks,
  • Album CD, an enhanced CD with live video and
  • Three prints by Alasdair McLellan

Side 1
1. "Dangerous" (4:11)
2. "Say Something Loving" (3:57)
3. "Lips" (3:19)
4. "A Violent Noise" (3:47)
5. "Performance" (4:04)
Side 2
1. "Replica" (4:09)
2. "Brave For You" (4:12)
3. "On Hold" (3:43)
4. "I Dare You" (3:51)
5. "Test Me" (3:45)
Side 3
1. "Naive" (3:32)
Side 4
1. "Season Run" (4:21)
2. "Brave For You" (Marfa demo) (2:37)
Side 5
1. "Dangerous" (CD)
2. "Say Something Loving"
3. "Lips"
4. "A Violent Noise"
5. "Performance"
6. "Replica"
7. "Brave For You"
8. "On Hold"
9. "I Dare You"
10. "Test Me"
Side 6
1. "Naive" (bonus track - CD)
2. "Seasons Run" (bonus track)
3. "Brave For You" (bonus track - Marfa demo)
4. "Brave For You" (bonus track - Marfa demo - video)

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